Introducing Guard Enterprise Solution: Designed To Automate Security Operations

Are you a medium to large private patrol company looking forward to expanding your horizons by setting up new branches around the globe to provide outstanding security patrol operations? Behold, we have the perfect enterprise solution to help you streamline everything from scheduling, reporting, dispatching, to communication, and so much more using a single live dashboard. Introducing the breakthrough Security Guard Enterprise Solution.

What Is Security Guard Enterprise Solution?

Security Guard Enterprise Solution is one of the most powerful automated solutions designed to specifically address the challenges faced while managing medium to large private patrol companies. Being a complete enterprise solution in itself, it can also help you expand your security business worldwide, and at the same time manage all the security operations from a single dashboard.

If you are a medium to large private patrol company looking forward to taking your business to a whole new level, Security Guard Enterprise Solution is the one for you.

How GES Expands Your Private Patrol Company’s Vision?

Security Guard Enterprise Solution comes loaded with powerful modules that have specific functions to expand your private patrol company’s vision, unlike anything before. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

1. GES Globe

GES Globe is a comprehensive solution built to run an enterprise-scale private patrol company from a single live dashboard.

It allows centralizing the security workforce & management activities from conducting guard tour patrols, tracking, reporting, scheduling, to payroll & so much more in real-time. Thus making the process of launching multiple branches worldwide efficient & effective. 

2. GES Branch Manager

Built as an exceptionally practical guard tour system, GES Branch Manager helps streamline the private patrol operations by removing complexities. 

All of that is made possible with its ability to provide secure & controlled user access to the centralized Security Guard Enterprise Solutio so you can receive live on-site metrics to proactively monitor & resolve issues to improve efficiency, accountability, & profitability.

3. GES Client Reporting Portal

Devised to streamline live guard tour report sharing with the client on the go, GES Client Reporting Portal also gives them the power to invite multiple users & manage user access on their end. 

This not only helps enhance client engagement & critical guard tour report sharing effectiveness but also improve transparency by providing insight into site performance & productivity pro-actively.

4. GES Guard App

Equip your guards with the powerful GES Guard App to enhance their performance & to eliminate the need to carry multiple devices on-site.

It seamlessly automates the process with quickly customizable report formats for guards to fill in, attach media files, & share them live. They can easily access in-app notifications, changes in schedules, tasks assigned, check-in/out of post-site, acknowledge post orders, and much more.

Not sure yet if Security Guard Enterprise Solution is the one for you or have a doubt or any other question, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to answer all your questions.

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